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December 2018. pp. 192-199

The main objective of this study was to improve the wood pellet boiler and overcome inefficient air supply to the grate in the combustion chamber. Nozzle-type burner pins were attached to the grate to increase the contact area between the solid fuel (pellets) in the grate and the supplied air. In order to verify the increase in thermal efficiency due to the nozzle-type burner pins, comparative experiments were conducted using the same two wood pellet boilers. Two hours of experiments were conducted under the same external conditions (amount of oxidizer, load, ambient temperature, and pellet consumption). The results showed that the combustion characteristics of the flue gas from the boiler with burner pins were improved compared to those of the conventional boiler: the carbon dioxide content was increased, and the thermal efficiency was increased by 2.51%. The contact area between the wood pellets in the grate and the air supply was increased by the nozzle-type burner pins; hence, this boiler showed an improved combustion performance compared to that of the conventional burner system.

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  • Accepted Date : 2018. 12. 19
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